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  • ITF.xml (ITF2 value (codes) lists')
  • Cronq.xml (Cronquist System of Angiosperm Classification)
  • Kubit.xml and Kubpin.xml (kubitski Classification for ferns and conifers)
  • APG-3 (A premature load of the APG system can be loaded from the User Page)
  • Genera.xml (Vascular Plant Families and Genera by R.K.Brummitt 1992)
  • Authors.xml (Author abbreviations by Brummitt & Powel (ed.) 1992, updated on the User Page)
  • Author combinations (Solved Author Combinations can be loaded from the User Page)
  • ISO Country Table (an up to date version can be loaded from the User Page)
  • Talen.xml (Marc Code List for Languages)
  • Relations Leiden.xml (general BG relation list, you can create an up to date version on the user page)


The program has a help function, but beside this a few small documents has been created to make some processes more clear (Duth only).
In version 4.3 you need the AtlantisBT.chm (help file) to be located in the directory where the Atlantis executable is located. You can download it here.


Atlantis BG is a object database and JPG objects are shown in the database as thumbnails. All objects are recognized by their extension and you can represent those objects in the database by an icoon (a special thumbnail). You may want to create them by yourself or use the ones we already created. Click here for more information.


Atlantis BG is a relative new program in the market, and has been developed with the newest technology for a general use by Botanic Gardens and Arboreta. The used language is English. In The Netherlands it is used by the following Botanic Gardens:

  • University Utrecht Botanic Gardens
  • Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
  • Hortus Botanicus Leiden
  • Botanic Garden TU Delft
  • Botanic Garden Wageningen.
  • Burger's Zoo (Arnhem)<
  • Blijdorp Zoo (Rotterdam)
  • Amsterdam Zoo (Artis)

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