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Botanic Gardens in Finland and Italy choose Atlantis Botanic Garden

Bunschoten, The Netherlands, May 5th 2009 – The Botanic Garden of the Finnish Museum of Natural History of the University of Helsinki and the Botanic Garden of the Museum of Natural History of the University of Calabria, Italy, have decided to choose for Atlantis Botanic Garden.
“We were looking for a 'third generation' information system. The first generation was on paper (paper maps, index cards). The second generation was a computerized database and computer-drawn maps separately. The third generation solution is one where the database and maps are interconnected, and where the whole system is usable through the internet.”, states Dr. Leif Schulman, Director of Botanic Garden of the Finnish Museum of Natural History. “Of the systems currently available, Atlantis was the best solution for us, because it has those features and still has not compromised the scientific rigour required for a proper Botanic Garden database.- And, on top of this, Atlantis is affordable.”
“Atlantis BG will make it possible for our Botanic Garden to do our collection registration and management in a more efficient and professional way. “, states Dr. Nicodemo G. Passalacqua, Curatore Responsabile sez. Orto Botanico, Museo di Storia Naturale della Calabria ed Orto Botanico Università della Calabria.
“We are very pleased that these prominent Botanic Garden have decided for Atlantis BG. “, states drs. ing. Peter van Diermen, Director of DEVENTit. “The decisions were based on the results of intensive testing of the program so we’re convinced that Atlantis BG will fit like a glove for them.“
Visitors of the Fifth European Botanic Gardens Congress, EuroGard V on June 8-12 in Helsinki, Finland will be able to attend an in-depth session about Atlantis BG and acquire information on several information stands.

About the Botanic Garden of the Finnish Museum of Natural History

The Finnish Museum of Natural History is an independent research institution functioning under the University of Helsinki. It is also one of the three central national museums in Finland and responsible for the national collections in its field. The collections, which include botanical, zoological, geological and paleontological specimens from all over the world, serve research in the fields of Biology and Geology as well as educational purposes.
The Botanic Garden at Kaisaniemi is one of Helsinki's most popular visitor attractions. Its glasshouses and surrounding grounds offer nature lovers a unique experience all year round. The gallery between the large and small glasshouses is used to host temporary exhibitions, mostly on themes connected to the natural world.
The Kumpula Botanic Garden is new and will open its gates to the public on June 10th 2009.

About the Orto Botanico dell'Università della Calabria

The Orto Botanico dell'Università della Calabria is a botanical garden operated by the University of Calabria. The garden contains over 400 species of local Calabrian plants, as well as nonlocal introductions. Its natural vegetation is oak, primarily Quercus pubescens, with additional plantings of other oaks including Q. coccifera, Q. farnetto, Q. macrolepis, Q. pedunculata, and Q. trojana. Other trees include alders, poplars, and willows, with the addition of Liriodendron, Metasequoia, and Taxodium. The garden also contains two bamboo groves (Phyllostachys), and plantings of Equisetum telmateia, Ginkgo biloba, Osmunda regalis, Podocarpus, and Polypodium.
The garden includes two greenhouses. The first contains plants such as Adiantum capillus-veneris, Cyperus papyrus, Pinguicula hirtiflora, Pteris cretica, Pteris vittata, and Woodwardia radicans. The second contains wetland plants including Acorus calamus, Marsilea strigosa, Menyanthes trifoliata, Osmunda regalis,etc.


DEVENTit is an innovative softwarehouse from the Netherlands with software products for building, managing and publishing of collections with information in a multimedia format. DEVENTit has a specialization in software solutions for Botanic Gardens. The Atlantis BG program in that matter is a standard for comprehensive web-based collection management.
For more information about DEVENTit or Atlantis BG, please turn to:
Peter van Diermen
Tel: +31 (33) 2992277
Fax: +31 (330 2992270
gsm: +31 (6) 51268465

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