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The best way to get an idea of how Atlantis Botanic Garden is working, is to look to some screens from the program (for example a few screens used inserting a taxon record and an accession record). I'm happy to answer any questions or add information to this website, to send me a message click here.


Below you see the way Atlantis is handling Taxonomic data. On a search of the name "Satureja" Atlantis shows all related taxa from the subdivision level down to the infraspecific levels. As you can see below, the information for "Satureja calamintha subsp. sylvatica (Bromf.) Briq." comes from at least four different Taxon records and this is unique for a taxonomic database! Its name with or without authors is calculated from the different records. It is two clicks to move the taxon to an other
position in the tree. It is also two clicks to make the taxon synonymous to an other taxon and changing the names of all attached accessions.

You can add several Vernacular names in different languages and use them in reports pointing at them by language selection (or the default one for the language selected in the settings). Illustrations like pictures can be inserted and marked to be available through the Internet or for a seed list (in HTML, Text or ITF2 format). For example, with one click I can produce a seed list of several years ago, including all pictures currently available in the database and put it on line in minutes.
If I want to add a taxon, for example Satureja athoa (not yet in the database), I insert a new record under Satureja and enter the epithet athoa and save the record. Now I want to add some information to it, like author, distribution, literature etc. Select "Internet Links" from the BG menu and the result is a search page through several Internet databases and you can copy and paste just the information you need. To see a search page like this for Satureja athoa click here and try one of the links presented.
To see how Hybrids and Cultivars are handled click here. Click here to view the Accession screen.