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Atlantis Botanic Garden

Atlantis Botanic Garden is a database for Botanic Gardens based on the most advanced technology like the Progress Objectstore database engine, Verity search engine, using XML in many ways (reports, dumb & loads), both a Windows and Web interface. It supports the ITF-2 standard for data exchange (seed lists import & export etc.) and has an advance approach to search Internet databases for plant information. At the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens we started to use Atlantis BG (which is part of a much bigger Atlantis platform) in 2004 and it has proved to be a very efficient Botanic Garden management tool for the curator's office.
Click here to see some of the Screen dumbs of the process at our garden. For more information about the Atlantis Botanic Garden Database Application press on the Atlantis icon above, to go to the DEVENTit site (the software engineers). Check the online help files too.
There are several data sets (files) available for the Atlantis BG platform, that can be found on this Web Site. More about these files can be found in the document Atlantis additional data. All the files are in XML format, the native import/export format for Atlantis and if you need a data set to be converted into this format, please contact Eric Gouda. If for
general purposes this can be done mostly without any costs.
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