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Hybrids in Atlantis B.G.

There are two types of Hybrids in Atlantis BG. Natural hybrids which do have an Epithet and are found in the Taxon tree like the normal species, except that the Hybrid-flag is shown next to the epithet (for alphabetical order). In the calculated name it is in its normal place. The Hybrid-flag can be chosen on the Hybrid Tab of the Taxon record as well as the father and mother (see second screen dump).

Hybrids with an epithet

The second type are Hybrids without an epithet that will get a calculated name. For example if I remove the epithet and save the record I will get the result below. Both under the Mother as well as under the father you will find this hybrid in the tree. The name will be calculated by Atlantis. If only the Mother (one parent of the Hybrid) is known, the other field can be left empty and it will show up under the Mother only.

Hybrids with an calculated name


A cultivar can be recognized by its cultivar epithet, you have to include the quotes yourself. An Epithet can be added too and this will be placed in the name between the Genus and Cultivar epithet. The Cultivar group is not used as part of the taxon name but serves as extra information (for searching etc.)