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Accession location management is Event driven an can be done by a location manager that has only the right to change records in the database on location level. An Event can be anything that has happened with the plant (or seeds) in the garden, so Events are related to Accession Location records. One Event can be linked to many different Accession Locations, for example an Inventory Event of a certain garden location can point to all Acc.loc. found. There is an easy way to import events for example from an excel file of all the Accessions on that Garden location.
The Event shown below is linked to 5 Accession locations from which 3 are still alive (status=A), one is dead (D) and one has been moved (you can see them in the right part of the Event record).
In the example below you can see that Accession with number 1965BL00324 has been planted on Garden location FRB24 and later moved (Acc.loc. state = M) to FRB20. For this event, 1965BL00324 > FRB24 has a Moved Event. It flowered on 20/05/2004 together with an other 4 administrated Accessions.

A few other things you can see in the tree of this Accession is that there has been made a Herbarium voucher of this Accession and it has not been on any seed list up till now. Sowing and Germination dates were not kept at that time (1965) or not entered into the database in 1975, otherwise you would see a Sown and Germinated Event.